*** (3 stars)

This is good, but not great Mexican food. It makes no claim to authenticity, which is fine, but it’s not all that creative, either. Some dishes are clearly mis-named. For example, a “quesadilla” appetizer was actually mini soft tacos. The only resemblance to quesadillas was that the tiny pinch of cheese in each one was melted into the meat stuffing.

Guacamole, margaritas and the mole sauce were all good, but there is a better version of each at other Mexican restaurants in town. The ceviche sampler is very good, with one of the three the clear winner.

The upscale dining experience is a nice change for a Mexican restaurant, although our waiter was not particularly friendly or competent. I’ve visited a couple of times, with similar results on both occasions.

For a more conventional (and louder) Tex Mex experience, you can also check out Frontera Grill next door.

445 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 661-1434