Ali Ceviche Bar

This place makes an excellent semi-frozen Pisco Sour.

The food is just okay. The fish in our Tiradita was so stringy and tough we had to cut it with a knife. The yellow potatoes in the Causa were rather gritty. And the Arroz con Mariscos was so heavily sauced and overcooked that it was risotto-like.

There are lots of better places for Peruvian cuisine in Orlando.

La Piccolina

Although the name sounds very Italian, the menu (which is extensive) is divided evenly between Italian and Peruvian foods. (They also serve American breakfast.)

I wasn’t sure the Peruvian food would measure up to other places in town, with all that Italian food competing for attention, but it was top-notch. We started with the fish ceviche, a generous portion of fresh fish with all the classical accompaniments. Next was a terrific shrimp causa, obviously assembled fresh to order. And we finished with the chicken chaufa. I suppose you could count this as a fourth cuisine, since it’s essentially Chinese fried rice! 

Special shout-out to the house-made herbal crisps served with oil and balsamic at the start of the meal. They were great.

The food and service were both great, and the space is quite pleasant. Maybe we’ll go back tomorrow for Italian!


Orlando has recently been blessed with many great omakase restaurants, but none of them are like Sorekara. It is unlike any restaurant I’ve been to around the world. It’s much more than simply a meal, it is a true experience.

With only ten guests per night (perhaps eventually 12) it is a highly personal experience where each party is handled separately. Your journey begins in a room that is literally a zen garden. Introductory remarks introduce the concept of “Sorekara” or “And then…” The goal is to create a peaceful, all-encompassing experience where you are fully in the moment. You are encouraged to put away your phone or camera, and just enjoy. 

You will travel through four spaces, spending most of your time at a spacious natural wood bar as you enjoy 25 or so courses ranging from a single bite to more substantial bowls and plates. The focus is on Japanese-sourced seafood, but it is nothing like sushi. Ten accompanying wine pairings accentuate an amazing array of flavors. Final dessert courses are served in the most serene dining room I’ve ever encountered.

Through every step, each server made it clear that this restaurant is their passion, and it’s easy to see why.

Sorekara is destined to become a destination restaurant, one that foodies from all around the world will come to Orlando to experience.

Reel Bowls

This poke bowl assemblage concept offers an array of bases, fish, and toppings in a bright, spacious setting. You can choose between two types of rice or mixed greens as your base. Then pick a protein and up to four toppings. 

My companion and I both went with greens and tuna and wasabi dressing. My favorite toppings were the edamame, cucumber, and seaweed salad. I highly recommend the fried onion bits as a garnish.

Service was fast and friendly.