A Tu Gusto

Beef arepas



**** (4 stars)

There are service issues here, but the food is very good.

What I ordered wasn’t what was rung up, and what was rung up wasn’t what I was served. So, a twofer. Fortunately I’m flexible, and it was very good, in fact the best arepas I’ve had. I definitely will return, and TRY to sample something different!

A Tu Gusto
6405 Raleigh St
Orlando, FL

Arepas El Cacao

***** (5 stars)

This tidy storefront serves prepared to order arepas with a variety of fillings and a nice assortment of sauces on the side. Although the name refers to chocolate, it’s a Venezuelan expression that simply means “The Best” Arepas. And they are good.

I had the shredded beef version with white cheese. It was particularly good with the homemade green sauce.

The also have cachapas. Unlike the arepas, which are grilled, slit open and stuffed, the cachapas are sweeter, and are folded over to hold their payload.

I also enjoyed my blackberry smoothie, which wasn’t too rich and had just the right amount of sweetness.

Arepas El Cacao
5389 S Kirkman Rd
Orlando, FL 32819
(321) 252-2226