Singh’s Roti Shop & Bar

Chicken roti


**** (4 stars)

Singh’s offers a full range of Rotis and curries in a pleasant environment. It’s counter service, but very efficient and well-staffed. I’m a big fan of goat roti, but the channa and the chicken are also good. If you don’t like bones, there is even a version of the chicken that is boneless.

I suggest getting the roti separate rather than as a wrap. Their roti is HUGE, and it’s almost impossible to eat the grapefruit-sized thing! I think you also get more filling when they are separate.

The place is spotlessly clean, and there’s a nice outside patio and also a full bar.

Singh’s Roti Shop & Bar
5244 Old Winter Garden Rd
Orlando, FL
(407) 253-2900

Negril Jamaican Restaurant

Curry chicken

Jerk chicken


**** (4 stars)

Many of the Jamaican places in town are a bit divey, but not Negril. It’s a neat counter service place in Ocoee.

We tried the curry chicken and the jerk chicken. Both were very good. The curry sauce on the accompanying rice and beans was particularly good.

The mac and cheese side wasn’t very good, but the fried plantains were very nicely caramelized.

The “small” size is plenty for a full meal.

Service was fast and friendly.

Negril Jamaican Restaurant
2795 Old Winter Garden Rd
Ocoee, FL 34761
(407) 347-7449

Ocho Rios

**** (4 stars)

This is a cheerful little place that offers a few Caribbean selections and also American food such as burgers. I think they’re still staffing, so I’m pretty sure the sweet child who waited on me is the owner’s daughter. She was charming and efficient. They do need to get the kitchen cranking a bit faster if the want to be able to handle a crowd.

The chicken roti I had was delicious–nice yellow curry (yes, it was a bit too salty), and no bones. I’ll definitely return to try the jerk seasoning.

Ocho Rios
1936 Maple Ave
Evanston, IL 60201
(847) 475-5202