Torchy’s Tacos

This is a great addition to the local taco scene. Like competitor Velvet Taco, Torchy’s is a chain out of Texas that specializes in high-end taco assembly. Their menu offers a wide variety of semi-traditional and eclectic taco. We liked all three that we tried:

Trailer Park Taco – fried chicken and a bunch of stuff on a flour tortilla. This wasn’t my favorite, but my wife liked it a lot. It’s pretty far from any Mexican origins!

Green Gile Pork on a corn tortilla. The most traditional, this contained very succulent carnitas.

Mr. Orange – This was my favorite. A delicious piece of grilled salmon with a somewhat spicy sauce and lots of cilantro.

I really liked that all the tacos had completely different ingredients, which is very different from most assemblage places.

I usually prefer sit down restaurants to quick serves, but it’s worth noting that they do have margaritas, and you can come in, sit at the bar, and order food and drinks.

Be sure to join their club and get a free half order of queso and chips— it was large and delicious.

Kungfu Kitchen

Even though it’s in a tourist area, this is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Central Florida. 

I don’t think I’ve ever had better dim sum, and the extensive, illustrated menu makes it really easy to order from. The seared soup dumplings (Pan-Fried Pork Dumplings) in particular were the best I’ve had.

The scallion pancakes are a bit unusual – more like a toasted flour tortilla than the traditional omelette-like preparation.

The large, airy space is inviting, and not too loud even when it’s busy. 

Service is really good.

Charm Thai and Sushi

It’s about time we got a decent sushi restaurant in this area, and Thai to boot! Excellent service and nice seating make this place a win,

The yellowtail carpaccio was really fresh and tasty, with just the right crunch to the jalapeños. Spicy salmon roll and Philadelphia roll were both good. And while my companion had sushi I had a delicious Yum Nua salad.

Now we don’t have to drive halfway across the county for good Asian food!

Ali Ceviche Bar

This place makes an excellent semi-frozen Pisco Sour.

The food is just okay. The fish in our Tiradita was so stringy and tough we had to cut it with a knife. The yellow potatoes in the Causa were rather gritty. And the Arroz con Mariscos was so heavily sauced and overcooked that it was risotto-like.

There are lots of better places for Peruvian cuisine in Orlando.